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Instructions for Viewing our Sunday Bulletin

Editions of the Sunday Bulletin can be located three ways: 

1.)  Our most recent Sunday Bulletins are posted to the front page of this website.  Simply click on the “Read More” button to access the complete document.   Once you arrived at your chosen posting, you can:

    • Increase the size of the reading pane
    • Post the page to your Facebook account
    • Print the newsletter
    • Share our newsletter with a friend
    • Download a PDF all using the controls at the bottom of the page.

2.)  For previous bulletins, you can use the Archives tool located on the right side of every page.   The archives function will locate all of the documents published for a given month.

3.) Finally, you can search all of the newsletters, bulletins or blog postings using the “Search” menu item located on the right side of every page.


This site is designed to be iPad or other tablet and smart phone friendly.  Please let us know if you encounter any problems.

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We are centrally located on Shea Blvd, between 64th Street and Scottsdale Road.

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